Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss Drink: 6 Benefits and Facts

apple cider vinegar for weight loss drink

What can you gain from weight loss apple cider vinegar? You probably know that apple cider vinegar has tons of perks, especially for the health.

It can help with high blood sugar. It helps with better immune system and there are more benefits that you can gain from the substance.

However, it is also believed that it can also help with your weight loss program. There are some scientific evidence and proof that show that the apple cider vinegar can actually be useful to help you lose weight as well as boosting your health level to the highest level.

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Understanding Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is generally used as a health tonic for centuries. It is generated from fermentation process, generally in two-step manner.

Apple should be cut first and then crushed. It is mixed ith yeast so the sugar can be converted to alc0hol.

After that, bacteria are added to the mix so the alc0hol can be changed into acetic acid. This component is crucial in apple cider vinegar, giving the strong smell and sour taste.

The reason for the health perk is the acetic acid which is zero in carbs and very low in calories. Because of this trait, apple cider vinegar is claimed to have fat loss benefits.

So, how is the acetic acid helping with your weight loss program? The acetic acid is like a magical compound that can affect the fat deposit in the body in various ways:

  • It burns fat. There are some scientific studies involving mice given the compound. They show drastic result where the fat burning genes are significantly increasing. Because of it, fat body buildup is reduced
  • It reduces the blood sugar level. Based on studies, acetic acid can boost muscles and liver ability to accommodate sugar from the blood
  • It reduces insulin levels. Acetic acid can reduce insulin ration which affects the fat burning trait and ability
  • It suppresses the appetite. The brain consists of several centers responsible for different tasks. Acetic acid can suppress the center responsible for appetite control. When it is reduced, it affects your food intake. Basically, you won’t eat as much as before
  • It reduces fat storage. Acetic acid will improve the activities of genes responsible for reducing the liver and belly fat storage
  • It boosts metabolism. Acetic acid will also affect the body’s ability to burn fat, which affects the production of sugar and fat in your liver. 

Although the benefits seem promising and favorable, there are some basic problems with it. The main problem with it is the lack of scientific studies involving human participants.

Although the scientific experiments with mice are many – and most of them are showing promising results – it still takes more research and studies involving human participants.

However, apple cider vinegar has been used in herbal treatment and care and more people believe that it can deliver promising benefits.

Body Fat Reduction with Apple Cider Vinegar

There were some studies with weight loss apple cider vinegar as the proof of existence. There was one study involving human participants taken in 12-week setting and involving 144 Japanese adu1ts. All of them were obese.

They are divided into 3 groups. Group 1 consumed 15 ml or a tablespoon of vinegar. Group 2 consumed 30 ml or 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Group 3 consumed placebo drink on a daily basis. They had to restrict their alcoh0l consumption but they can continue regular activity and diet just like usual.

What’s the result?

  • Group 1 experienced 2.6 pounds of weight loss, 0.7% body fat percentage decrease, 26% of triglycerides decrease, and 1.4 cm in waist circumference decrease. 
  • Group 2 experienced 3.7 pounds of weight loss, 0.9% body fat percentage decrease, 26% of triglycerides decrease, and 1.9 cm in waist circumference decrease
  • Group 3 experienced weight gain (around 0.9 lbs) and also an increase in waist circumference. 

If you see the result of the study, the apple cider vinegar can help you reduce the body fat percentage, which affects the belly fat build-up and also the blood triglycerides.

Moreover, apple cider vinegar affects the sense of fullness which will lead to the calorie intake. Once the vinegar is consumed, it will slow the stomach’s rate to empty the contents.

Basically, the food will slowly leave the stomach, creating a longer fulfilling effect. When you are full, you won’t be tempted to eat more.

AS the result, it won’t lead to overeating and you have a sense of fullness even if your portion is smaller than the regular one.

There was a study involving 11 people who consumed high carb meal and also the vinegar. After they had consumed the vinegar, they consumed 200 to 275 fewer calories throughout the day.

Their blood sugar also responded positively, showing 55% lower level. It was checked one hour later after the eating time completed.

However, you should also remember that weight loss apple cider vinegar isn’t for everyone. In fact, not everyone is allowed to consume the vinegar.

Those with diabetes type 1 should consult their doctor before they can consume the vinegar. It can lead to problems of delayed stomach emptying or gastroparesis, which is quite harmful for diabetic people type 1.

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Incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar in Your Daily Life

If you are thinking about including the vinegar in your daily consumption – with weight loss apple cider vinegar consideration aside – these are the possible things that may happen to you.

  • Your acetic acid level will increase. As you are well aware of, this compound is the one responsible for all of those great benefits.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes type 2, consuming the vinegar may have a positive effect. In fact, you can expect a better and improved diabetic diet. Keep in mind, though, that this benefit isn’t applicable for those with type 1 diabetes
  • You may likely lose weight. Not only you can enjoy a slimmer version of yourself (without having to deal with difficult diet), but you can also improve your health. 
  • The nutrients from the food will have better absorption

As you can see, apple cider vinegar does have a lot of perks and health advantages. If you can manage it right, such thing as weight loss apple cider vinegar is definitely possible.

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