Loose Skin After Weight Loss: How to Get Rid & 6 Factors You Must Know

loose skin after weight loss

When you succeed in losing large amounts of weight, it will affect your skin. Loose skin after weight loss is a common problem after losing large amounts of weight (more than about 50 to 100 pounds) in a short time.

Increasing the elasticity of your skin can be seen over time, but some people may need surgery to remove excess skin.

Risk Factors for Loose Skin After Weight Loss

How to tighten skin after weight loss is influenced by several factors that affect skin elasticity after weight loss. According to plastic surgeon Natalie, the main factors involved in skin elasticity include.

  • Increasing your age can make your skin less elastic. when you experience weight loss in old age, it might make your skin at a higher risk for sagging.
  • Genes affect how strong your skin tightens as you age. That makes everyone have a difference when drastically losing weight. How loose your skin may be for each person at the same age.
  • The amount of weight that has dropped. When you lose a significant amount of weight in a short time, such as loose skin after weight loss over 50 with weight loss surgery, your skin doesn't have time to shrink with your body. It may also be able to stretch permanently if you are overweight for a long time.
  • Exposure to sunlight in the past, present, and future can damage your skin.
  • Nutrition and water intake received by the surface. Your skin may not be healthy if you don't get balanced food, vitamins, and minerals (especially Vitamin C & E) and stay hydrated.
  • Sm0king can speed up the normal aging process on your skin. The substance content in cigarettes is not recommended because the impact given is not good for health.

Why Skin Doesn't Return

Skin elasticity depends on how long you are obese. It doesn't matter if you lose weight quickly or slowly. The longer it lies, the less likely it is to rise again.

Marie Jhin MD, a dermatologist at San Francisco, said that "It's like a balloon." "When you first blow up a balloon, the balloon is tiny and tight." You have to stretch it first. But when deflated, it doesn't return to its original form.

When you lose your weight, then you need to know how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally. That will be related to age and genetics too. All people begin to lose elastic tissue as they age.

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How Can You Get Rid Of Sagging Skin After Losing Weight?

Skin released from weight loss usually requires surgical removal to shape the body effectively, explained Jacobs. Zuckerman also said that often, after extensive bariatric surgery or weight loss, plastic surgery is needed to remove excess skin.

Options include liposuction (which uses liposuction to remove fat, and, for patients with excess mild skin (and fat).

Non-invasive procedures are usually in the form of ultrasound or radio frequency procedures. It is used to heat the surface and cause contractions by triggering production collagen, explained Jacobs.
Collagen for loose skin after weight loss is one effective way.

When collagen production naturally decreases with age, it needs to be improved. You might use a microneedle with radio frequency energy, which produces thousands of small punctures on your skin and provides radio frequency energy during treatment, explains Zuckerman.

Can Loose Skin After Losing Weight Loss Itself?

does loose skin after weight loss go away??

Not really.

How much excess skin is left with you and how well your skin responds to weight loss initially depends on everything from age and genetics to how much weight you lose and the quality of your skin.

So, it all depends on your circumstances. You might expect some changes. Everyone may see an increase in their sagging skin, those who don't have stretch marks.

Younger people who still have reasonable skin quality despite gaining weight, "said Kenkel." Quality of the skin is the key to improvement. "

When you have loose skin that you are worried about or if you have loose skin after bariatric surgery you can do your homework and contact a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to learn about your choices, advises Jacobs.

Avoiding Loose Skin

The best way to avoid loose skin after weight loss sagging skin is to lose weight slowly. You can lose weight around 1-2 kilograms per week.

Slow weight loss will help you to maintain muscle mass and while losing fat. It also allows your skin to adjust when you lose weight.

What You Can Do About It

Everyone will have a different loose skin after weight loss surgery. Some people may bounce back quickly while others may need to consider body shaping surgery to remove additional skin.

Bodybuilding surgery is a severe and costly operation that requires long recovery time.

The time recommended by plastic surgeons is at least one year after weight loss. It aims to stabilize your weight before considering plastic surgery that forms the body.

Other choices that you can do such as exercise and a healthy diet are also useful to do. Cardio training programs and primary strength can help you reduce body fat while building muscle.

When adding tissue occurs, you can improve the appearance of the skin and may cut slack.

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Doing The Best Home Remedy For Skin Tightening

You can apply cocoa butter to your skin. That might be a good idea, but while many topical products claim to tighten the skin, doctors are skeptical.

"There are no topical products that are efficacious or free drugs for excess skin," Zuckerman said.

Jacobs added that whatever product you are going to buy for this problem will usually give the best results. The best home remedy, then? "Caring for your skin," Jacobs said.

"This includes protection against sunlight, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and eating foods rich in fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and saturated fats."

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